Help with what ovens to get...

Been looking at the Middleby Marshall PS360 double stacks because they say that they can produce 160 pies an hour for us… and that they are all over eBay for about $5000.

I seen a PS200 double stack but people are saying they only produce about 50 an hour… to weak for us.

I was always told MM was the way to go because PizzaHut/Dominoes/PapaJohns used them… but then while I was looking up the PS200s, people said Lincoln was better.

I was liking the XLTs as well but I dont see many of them used or anywhere near that price range.

So what brand & models should I been looking at other then the PS360s?

Thanks all!

We upgraded from Lincoln 1000’s to MM 360’s about 8 years ago. Now we’re looking to go with Edge 60’s I think your numbers are off. The Lincolns should be able to do closer to 100 an hour with a double stack and the Middlebys maybe 140 - 150 I’m guessing. If you can get the MM Double Stack for 5000 that sounds like a good deal. I paid 5000 for 1 on Ebay (with free shipping). I’ll be looking to get rid of mine in a few months.

Hi Guys:

You do not indicate pizza size or bake time.

That info is important to determine production

George Mills

Just 14" pizzas, Little Caesars style thickness so we are assuming 5-6 minutes?

Edge 60 = 85 - 14 in pizzas with a 6 minute bake.

MM PS 360 = 78 -14 in pizzas with a 6 minute bake.

Lincoln 1000 = 58 - 14 in pizzas with a 6 minute bake

George Mills

George Mills

currently using mm 540 double, happy with them except for the noise. working on new location and have decided on edge 60, for less noise, better fuel efficiency, easy repair, good price

I’ve written a couple of articles on air impingement ovens that should be available in the In Lehmann’s Terms archives. Remember, if you buy new, the oven can/should be profiled to bake your specific pizza. If you buy a used oven, while it might have baked pizzas in a different life, it may not have the best finger profile for your pizzas. If you find that is the case, you can buy new fingers from the manufacturer to adjust the air flow to better bake YOUR pizzas. In my last article on ovens (several years ago) I found that any of the new generation air impingement ovens seem to do a better job of baking both thin and thick crust pizzas without a change to the finger profile, where as most of the older generation ovens required some change to either the top or botton finger profile to achieve the best bake to a thick crust/deep-dish pizza when it was originally profiled for thin crust pizzas. If you are generous with the vegetable toppings even the new generation ovens might requite tweaking of the finger profile to get the best bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor