Help with Wholesale Pizza for my tavern

Hello. I currently own a successful music venue in Littleton, Colorado and am planning to start adding a food menu. I do have a kitchen but I’m not necessarily interested in making pizza from scratch. A friend of mine told me that there’s such a thing as wholesale pizzas and wholesale pizza doughs, etc. It would be very helpful if I could just grab a frozen pizza or even just frozen dough and make a pizza for my customers. Personally, pizza is my favorite food so it’s important to me that I serve quality pizza. I realize it would be better from scratch but can anyone please point me in the right direction to learn abpout wholesale pizza products?

Brice Hancock

Most food service companies will have what you are looking for. bodegahwy should be able to give you some contacts in your area.

On a side note. There are times that I really miss Colorado. That is where I spent my formative years.

Hi Toadtavern:

Phone Dominic Oliver; 248-495-5856
He has everything you need and has distribution in most parts of the country
George Mills