helping customer decide

I was thinking the other day about creating some kind of program that ask the customers some questions to help them decide what kind of pizza to get… example, one of the questions would be “do you like spicy food?” “do you like chicken, steak and pork” and depends on the answer if both are yes then a prompt will pop up saying “try the buffalo chicken pizza” and have a picture of our buffalo pizza … something like that… iam trying to come up with some questions, I want at least 10 questions so I can start working on it and put that in our web site… what you guys think?. I have everything pictured in my head how I want it to be… I just need to start building it… I think it would be a cool way to help our customer choose from our specialty pizzas… and if they haven’t tried it before hopefully this will make them want to try it…

A “decision tree” program could be fun for the customer looking for ‘something different’. Move them along a path . . . and you could even prioritize the final response given them by using your food cost or profit contribution figures. 'Suggest" they buy that better ratio pie over the higher cost, lower profit item. Just listing them in that order . . . not wrangling them into buying what thyey don’t want.

Think its a good idea as long as it is an “option” and you could go directly to the menu if you prefer. Otherwise its like going through a voicemail menu. . .

that’s the whole point of it… for fun… just an opinion that’s all… iam not trying to force a customer to buy a specifict pizza, that’s ridiculous lol… that’s my main target, just something they can go to the website and get an opinion… I think it would be kind of cool having something like that on the website.

customers shouldn’t call until they know what they want. I hate it when one customer ties me up for ten minutes trying to decide what to order when the other phones are ringing off the hook and people are waiting to pay. we have a menu online, we have carryout menus. why can’t people decide?

Becasue I have so many great things on my menu that people just get overjoyed when they call in. Often times they thought they knew, and then got an itch for something else. We gently ask if they are totally undecided if they would consider calling right back because of customers in the store. We will try to help them dcide then.

Actually, my phone staff is quite adept at guiding the indecisive customer to a decision pretty quickly. we’ll make up a ‘featured’ item on the spot if they are truly lost. It helps them, and they often try something they never have bfore. With a guarantee to replace the pizza if they don’t like it . . . it’s a sinch. We have created several new pizza addicitons with this strategy.