Henny Penny Parts


I’m looking for parts to repair a few Henny Penny Holding Cabinets model 903.

Specifically I need heating element P/N 51278, Motor P/N 25752, Propellor P/N 25706,Hi Limit Thermostat P/N 18201, and Blower Motor Wheel 55240.

Does any one have a good supplier that can provide the above and ideally ship to the UK.

Kind regards

Wayyyyyyyy back in the day when I worked for Wendy’s, we had those units. Our maintenance guys either got parts from Wasserstrom (if a warranty claim) or Grainger (for after-market parts).

Thanks for the info’, I’m having difficulty finding Grainger contact details, any idea where they are based? Not sure if these are the folks you are referring to: www.grainger.com

Yes, that was the company. It appears that they no longer stock Henny-Penny.

If you google henny penny parts, a number of suppliers will show up & from there you can find one that should fill your needs.

the best guys to try for anyparts if you live outside the US is consolidated commercial controls. they even have a direct uk number Iv used them for year s if the dont have something they will get it , but they stock heaps of henny penny parts

I have a five gallon henny penny pressure fryer without a manual. i would like to know the recommended times and temperatures to cook chicken leg quarters, and french fries.


Ross Taylor

Try www.foodservicewarehouse.com
or www.webstaurant.com

I have found HP parts at both in the past.

www.fmponline.com they have parts for it. They supply and make alot of the replacement parts.