Here I go.....

Getting ready to open my first pizzeria, wish me luck everyone. Met some of you at the pizza expo when I was still in planning. It’s been a long, stressful road dealing with everything since then, but d day is finally close. I’m hoping if finals go well we get co Wednesday, train Friday and saturday and open on Sunday. Many thanks to the members of this forum and their shared wisdom, I would have forgot many things if it weren’t for you all. Please check out our menu on the website at[/url] or our facebook page: [url]
My first pizzeria, but have worked for Lettuce entertain you, houstons, and brinker. Now that I’m doing most everything by myself I have really come to appreciate the help the corporate support people gave! Can you share the story of your opening and the emotions or any big hiccups I could avoid? I also had a nice write up in the local paper:
Thanks again everyone!

much success and joy to you! walter

Why Thank you, and same to you!

Good luck! I am just north of you in Port Charlotte. I will have to come down and try it.

Please do! And great Facebook page and activity btw.

menu looks great !!! i like it ! When i first opened everybody told me the additional items i “must” have . Keep it simple ! You’ll do great ! i wish you the best !

Thanks man, that’s been my goal, don’t do a lot but what you do, do well. I see these businesses back in Chicago like Johnnies beef, they have like 8 menu items but they’ve had a line out the door since I was a kid.

Good luck to you. Wish you much success.

I wish you luck. Florida can be a tough market.

You got one chance to make a first impression, get things rolling slowly if you can afford to, give it two, maybe three weeks to ease into it, then when you are confident with your processes and the crews abilities, then go big with the hype and kick some major butt.

Could not agree more!

Man that was nuts, very busy first day. Had some real hiccups but at least people loved the food. I really have to hand it to all the independent operations, coming from corporate restaurant environment you don’t appreciate how much the back office support gives you.
The first day I had my pedometer app going on my phone and my place is only 1800 sq feet. I walked 21k steps which was like 10 miles. Our 3rd day things started to normalize just a hair, only went to store once! The first day I had never ground/linked sausage or made mozzarella before and it took me 2 hours to do both. Yesterday I taught cook how to do mozzarella and sausage only took 30 minutes.
My body is beat up, I haven’t really spent any meaningful time with my kids in days, but I love being an owner operator. Our sales first day were double budget, and I felt every dollar!

Congratulations and good luck!

My god, I don’t envy whoever is doing all this prep on a daily basis

I would shoot myself. With that being said looks like a great menu

I Will be in Naples next week for some family stuff. Not sure how big Naples is but if it’s Close I’ll come check it out

Please come in and introduce yourself! My name is Scott.

ahhhh was just in Naples in October for a couple of days on vacation… should be getting pretty busy there soon! Best of luck to you!

Jokergerm, great to meet you. Thanks a lot for coming in and the words of wisdom.

Hey Scott you too. Nice looking store and good food