Here is a better one. How would you handle this

So here is the deal. We have a warming cabinet that we lend out to schools/churches for their fundraising events. As long as they buy pizza from us we offer them a special deal on 8 cut extra large pizzas. They picked up the warming cabinet last night and needed 14 extra large pizzas delivered to the school for a wrestling tournament @ 10:30 not a problem. We came in @ 9:30 and got the order out, I delivered the pizzas. When I walked in I was surprised to see Mcdonalds bacon egg and cheese piled in my cabinet. I spoke with the woman in charge an she assured me they where just using the warmer for breakfast, okay… I got the warming cabinet back totally clean, I thought they cleaned it. After checking it out, they never used it for my pizzas there was Mcdonalds cheese still on the warming trays!!! They sold my pizza from 10:30 till 3:30 unheated! I also told them they did not need to order 14 pizzas I would make as many trips as neccessary to keep the pizza. I think this is total bs. Sorry for the punctuation im just firing this off. What would all of you do.

At this point, I wouldn’t do anything. No reason to possibly burn any bridges.

I personally don’t have any warming mechanisms. I leave that at their discretion. All I’d do is be adamant next time about sending the pizzas over in a few waves to help maintain their integrity (if this is still possible for you to do). This would be even more important if you’re sending some menus or coupons with the pizzas to have available so people know where this delicious (I’m assuming ;)) pizza is from.

We send our school function orders (football, basketball, volleyball, etc.) in waves as mentioned earlier. And we leave our delivery bags with them. As we drop off a “wave” we pick up bags from previous “waves”. This was never a problem for us when I explained the benefit (more money goes into the school booster fund) because they are not over ordering pizza that might or might not sell in the concession stand.

Bonus is my sign is hanging in the concession stand instead of our only competition (PH) and the people at the function are getting our pizza hot and fresh!!!