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My name is Marissa Alicea. I am attending Graduate School to obtain a Management Degree. As part of a marketing assignment, my group and I have taken on the challenge of developing some marketing ideas for a small family-owned pizza place. It is located in San Antonio, Texas. It was originally a small wooden house that was gutted and turned into a homey pizza place. It is not a chain and probably never will be one, however the one noted X-factor for this pizza place is that it makes a 37 in, 15 lb pizza. It can never be ordered to go and the place doesn’t do delivery because it believes in serving hot pizza. They really do not have any kind of advertising to get their name out and I am not sure if they even have the money to do so. Do you have any ideas regarding a small family owned pizza eatery that we could offer to the manager and his family? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Marissa Alicea

Get started looking at the FAQ we have developed LOTS of great marketing ideas in here:

If you get some more specific questions, and give us some more information about the location, market and the shop, we can offer a little more direction for you to complete YOUR project.

You’ve already got some of us hooked - there are interesting items in your initial description that should be MARKETED.
The fact that they care enough about the pizza quality to insist you eat there is CUTE. It will bring people in.
As will the gigantic curiosity pie.
Use standard marketing for the industry (postcards, doorhangers, special event nights) and the place has a good chance to carve out a niche.
It needs BRANDING - they should have a logo (drawing of the cool house they’re in? Monster pizza shown next to a kid?) that’s included on everything they do for starters…