here is the new shop

here is the new shop … ng%20room/

very smart, like the funky ceiling in the dinning room.

Rockstar Place looks GREAT! We just moved into our new location a few weeks ago and I can truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a move.

I dont mean to hijack your thread but i have a few picks up on our Facebook page here.

Two are of the old shop and two of the new.

Looking good…I see the long wall bench worked out! Gives a lot of moving room down the middle by your buffet. Still love that ceiling!

WOW. If that ain’t purple, then nothing is :slight_smile: IT looks like the kind of place we’d like to go to. Open, colorful, clean, and has a character to it. You got plans to put more stuff on walls, or leave open and let the colors work their stuff?

Great funky looking outfit. Fan of Deep Purple by any chance :smiley:
I can just about here the songs booming and everyone having agreat time while eating their pizzas.
Nice approach.