Here we go again....

Being a resort town business we live with a seasonal cycle… one that has become familiar as we enter our 14th holiday period… easily our busiest time of the year. The seven days beginning on Dec 26th have been the biggest 7 day run of the year without a single exception since we opened. At least it is nice to know when the storm is coming!

Our 7 day run coming up is more than 3X our average week and nearly 10X our smallest week. How do we do it? Experienced staff is a plus. Overtime rather than hiring for it. Hire a dough maker (piece rate 4AM shift) rather than trying to make that much dough during the shift. Focus on quality and process. Equipment maintenance in the off season. Training.

This year we are blessed with 17 out of 20 employees being with us for some time and more than half having worked through a holiday rush with us before. That may sound like high turnover to some, but I am here to tell you that in a ski resort it is not.

Now, if someone just had the secret to making it snow… (looks good so far)

Wish us well. Not much time off for anyone over the next 25 days.

Hope we don’t see any photos of you fishing during this period. :lol:
Show us the photos holding up the big cash instead of the big fish
Good luck with the “annual run”

Good luck Steve. I hope you guys have lots and lots of snow~!!! :slight_smile: