Here we go again....

Ever notice how the things that happen get your attention… you focus on them, talk about them, train about them and they get better… then a year or two later you have not talked about them recently and guess what?!! There they are again!

In this case employees clocking in early. My manager was commenting to me that he was having trouble hitting the labor goal (I have posted before about how we do that) and thought that the goal was not reasonable. I spent an hour going through the hours for the last week to see where we were using up the hours and guess what! One employee that clocks in a half hour early every day and two others that clocked in an hour or more early and some more occasions at shift change-over where the departing employee was on the clock after they were scheduled off… and still more where the closing manager was not getting employees out the door after the rush. Total? About 15 hours for the week…


Yup. Milking the clock really ticks me off (Pun Intended) is this mainly people under 25 years old that are doing this? I’m starting to think “Clock milking 101” is a required course in schools these days

It is easy to put a stop to this, if you have the old time clocks with the cards. We require each employee to clock in with both the pos and time clock, and bring the card from the time clock to the manager for a signature when they clock on and off.

Those meddling kids.

I was at a place the other day listeneng to to girls complain about a fellow employee because he wouldn’t clock them out later in the night after they left. Just goes to show you that you always have to be on your toes.

my pos can lock out employees till their scheduled start time…#Speedline. check to see if yours can. I don’t use is. I’m usually happy to see employees come in early for the most part I have a problem with them being late.

One of my favorite quotes, “If you’re early you’re on-time. If you’re on-time, you’re late. If you’re late start looking for a new job.”.

To bodegahwy’s point…

Creating a set of Employee Rewards program can help. Such rewards would need to be all-encompassing, for example you shouldn’t reward employees just for clocking in on-time, but if you set up a full list of expectations and they meet your expectations that week, month, quarter, etc, you can offer them things that are important to them. 1/2 hour late to work, 1/2 hour longer for lunch, 1/2 off work early, closer parking spots, etc.