wat is a vegetable hero? wat does it consist of?

Hello up,A veggie hero here in Philly is Lett,tom,onion,rst.peppers,fried eggplant ,diced articoke hearts and if they want for x/tra$ w/chse.top off w/ a little olive oil and balsamic and oregano.


thanx how much would u charge 4 a 3ft hero? italian?american?
and 1/2 tray tortellini salad?

I would prob. do a 29.95 deal depending on what your paying for your bread.Then always throw in a 1.00 off they’re nexy lrg.pizza to push da pizza sales. :lol:


we have two kinds, a meatless which is cold veggies… let tom onions pickles green peppers hot peppers, cheese oil or mayo… and the grilled veggie which is… mushrooms, onions, green peppers tomatoes and broccolie steamed on the grill and we melt some prov or american cheese…
italians a lot if places use genoa salmi, cooked salami, capicola and provalone and american some people use, ham, genoa salami and balogna and obviously american cheese… hope thos helped