Hesitating to add pin pads

Installed Speedline 6 mos. ago and was waiting for pin pads on back order (stuck on a boat? Chip shortage?) They have them now but I’m stalling on doing the purchase and continue to swipe cards on the terminal screen (we verify the card is actually theirs first and rarely have an issue [most actually thank us for checking] other than the rare ‘if I can’t use my Grandma’s card I’m not gonna pay for it’). I do have a small counter top unit not connected to the POS as a backup that I have used when a card won’t swipe or if all they have is ApplePay
Never in 19 years had a charge back but now am afraid to open myself up to fraud/chargebacks with the pinpads since they are ‘self service’; fear of that $90 order being paid with ‘my father’s-brother’s-nephew’s-cousin’s-former roommates’ card! I know that by swiping I am totally liable but by keeping people from using ‘borrowed’ cards, it has been protecting me. I know I’m old school but I suppose I’ll just have to bite the bullet due to the ‘swipe’ liability plus I assume I won’t qualify for PCI compliant? Opinions? Anything else I don’t know about?
And what are the pitfalls of taking ApplePay? I heard that they can add a card to their Apple Wallet or whatever, even if it isn’t theirs. Plus if they contest a charge there is absolutely now way to fight it as we never see/touch the actual card or even know the name and now not even a signature! Talk about fear of the unknown…

We have Speedline and still swipe on the terminals as well. When chip EMV came out we switched to it thinking we were going to have to, that version of speedline had us asking for all kinds of stuff when taking a delivery, billing zip, cvv, in addition to the important stuff, cc # and exp. I know there’s a way to disable all of that now but we are still going to magstripe swiping route. As far as I know, liability really only comes into play by keyed transactions, not swipes/chipped. This may have changed, but last I knew it hadn’t yet

We also use Speedline and switched to the pinpads 2 years ago. They have worked out fine, just just take a little getting used to. We have seen an increase in insider tips since they can be programmed to with a tip button. They love that since they walk out with an extra $3 to $4 dollars an hour now.

The customer cannot insert their card until they hit the tip yes/no button, so you have to steer them away from doing that.

Apple Pay works great, I use it all the time personally a it’s very secure.

Most of our chargebacks are for deliveries, I can only think of a few that we have gotten when using the pinpad readers.


The cashiers get tipped pretty well already between the cash jar and the 'ol write it in on the tip line on the receipt when they sign but perhaps they’ll get a few more if the customer is prompted. As for my worries about people using other people’s cards; I currently see how many people coming in aren’t using their own cards (‘oh, it’s my, uh… wife’s card’…‘so your id will show the same last name, right?’…‘uhhhhh…’) Yeah right, girlfriend at best, maybe…

I think the checking ID thing has really gone out the window in the last few years. We check ID on an order here and there when we are suspicous, but that’s not too often.

Upon looking at your website, my question is why are you not using Speedine for online orders?


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ID checking may not be ‘fashionable’ in these bow to technology days, but it has resulted in 0 chargebacks in 19 years for me. ‘Convenience’ is usually geared towards the customer and not the merchant. In fact, it usually opens up the merchant to risk and loss. (How much do you lose in chargebacks per month?) My average customer is 48, family of 4, upper-middle class and appreciates the personalized customer service provided in phone orders. My pizza is high on quality and not inexpensive or 2-for-1, etc. That being said, As Millennials and Gen Z’ers mature and rise in income, I get closer to the day of adding online ordering…eventually :grin:

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We probably get about $1000 a month in chargebacks for all 4 stores combined. To me it’s a small price to pay to not have to hassle customers for ID. About 50% of our orders pay online with a credit card so we never see many of them since they have us leave it on the porch or at the front desk at work.

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I just installed a pin pad last week. From my charge black experience you never win a dispute unless you have a physical impression of the card like they used back in the day. I also believe that signatures are no longer required or asked for by the CC companies for anything under $25.

I installed the pin pad for 3 reasons:

  1. I’m working on being PCI compliant
  2. I believe the CC company’s charge you lower rates for EMV cards.
  3. Apple Pay! I can’t believe how many people have walked out the door because I couldn’t accept Apple Pay.

Also the tip prompt is great too!

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I think your leaving a ton of money on the table by not offering online ordering… All my peers are your exact customer and several of them won’t even look at a place if they can’t online order. You can also count me as one of those people. I love being able to clearly order whatever I want, making my own modifiers and knowing that they will be received as I ordered. Several of the people in my household have very specific diets and trying to tell someone on the phone how I would like a product, minus this add that, etc, vs just clicking the buttons to my exact wants is a no brainer. It also gives your customers more time to muse over the menu and add more things that they might not have considered. Oh hey Pizza442 has artichokes I didn;t know that lets add that to the pizza, or hey they have Lasagna here lets add an order of that as well! Btw my online orders are on AVG $5 higher than phone orders for this exact reason. Also, everyone who wants to call you still will!


$1000 a month is alot of money so it might be good to know how much in CC sales per month that is based off.

We do about a million a year in cc sales and only get like 3 or 4 disputes a year. I don’t even bother fighting them because, as Rico said, you basically are never going to win them anyways.

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Yea I don’t bother fighting them either, it’s a waste of time.

We do about $600K a month in CC sales so I feel 1K in chargebacks is fine. I have 2 locations that are in middle income areas and we get amost zero from them. The other 2 locations have a large low income base and the bulk of the chargebacks come from them. Mosty the meth motels, and we just recently cut them off form CC purchases.

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