Hey Gob

I know you have spoken plenty over the past few days, but I and others would like to know what numbers you did with the promotion last weekend.

Terrible -

Friday we only did $700, Saturday $900 and Sunday - well you don’t even want to know. Monday sucked but today wasn’t bad for a Tuesday we had a $700 day.

Keep in mind, our weekends are what have been keeping us going so this kind of weekend is really bad.

On the bright side, I think that the reason our Tuesday was above average is because of the door hanging we did over the weekend and on Monday. We sold a lot of pepperoni pizzas today and tonight.

Another odd thing, we’ve had a bunch of customers tell us that whatever we have done to our pizzas that they are perfect now and not to change them. It’s odd because we changed our pepperoni and I don’t like it because I think it’s too greasy, but we can’t keep the pepperoni on the buffet now. Last night we had a group of 6 come in and ALL they ate was the pepperoni pizza, no salad, no pasta, no dessert pizza, we had to put out 3 pepperoni pizzas within minutes of each other because that’s all they ate. What’s even more odd is that they could have bought 3 large pepperoni for a lot less than what they paid to eat buffet.

We’ve had another thing pop up tonight that I’m going to post as a different message to get some feedback on.