Hey, I Just Got an Email about this SEO Site....

Hey Guys,

I just received an eMail about this SEO website.
I have read some reviews and want to know if anyone hase personal experience with it?

I have a feeling the search engine optimization site is trying to optimize itself by listing the name in the post. If I’m incorrect, please accept my apologies for removing the name.

Search Engine Optimization probably doesn’t have much impact on Pizza Restaurants since I’d imagine people simply search by pizza and cityname. You’re not going to out-do the big 3 or 4, so unless your market is a large one, I’m not sure SEO is worth the money.

Snowman I think the 1st post in this thread was “Spam” and you did right to “neuter” it…Thanks…RCS…

“Guest” was my first clue it was SPAM intrusion. Thanks for the quick surgical strike.