Hey jrokk, your mail guy blew me off TWICE!~

Jrokk, I have had the chance to correspond with you a couple of times. You gave me sound advice. I also folow your posts. I saw you mention CCI so I called and talked to Shelby. He assured me he would have a proposal to me the next day. It has been about a week now. I called again yesterday and left a message. No call back. Then I called this morning and spoke to him. He said he would get back to me in about 15 minutes, that he ususally didn’t drop the ball and he was sorry. I told him I understand things happen and that i looked forward to talking to him in a little bit and reviewing his proposal via e-mail. Since then…crickets!@ Nothing. No call, no e-mail. I called back again and the secretary told me he had someone in his office and he would call me back as soon as they were done. It is now about 6pm eastern time. No call, no e-mail. I did mention your name when I spoke to him. I am perplexed. The best pricing in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t get a simple return call. Any help would be appreciated.

Kyle in Michigan


Wow! I’ve never heard of that with these guys. I’ll make a phone call for you in the morning and see what’s happening. I’ll make sure you get a phone call tomorrow, whether it be from Shelby or Mike Watts (my sales rep).


I received a quote from them. Was VERY expensive.

If your small potatoes, They probably don’t care.

The quote I got was very reasonable for 4/1 printing and mailing saturation, though I figured out with them that DDU is not really practical for us from that distance away. Besides, DDU saturation rates are going away middle of May for the new schedule of postage for bulk rate. Gotta relearn the fees and rates :frowning:

I didn’t do anything about address files and labelling and all that. That is way beyond our needs and budget.

that is quite strange. mike watts was pretty fast answering my questions and getting me proposal material