Hey Nick, Is the drought in Georgia affecting you?


Just was wondering if the water shortage in Georgia was affecting you in any way…


You are quite kind for asking and being interested!!

No so much effect directly. We are mostly annoyed that there is no rain to determine if the roof leak repair work I did a month ago did any good!!

We are seeing some increased produce prices that everyone else is seeing . . . our local suppliers aren’t taking the sting out of pricing as they often do. I don’t think we have seen reduction in business or anything like that . . at least that I can tell.

We have to sneak out to water our flowers at night when no one is looking, but that is a pitcher full of water or two.

Temps are a little higher than expected this month, which means higher utilities, but we’ll see how the winter goes with rain and temps.

no kidding Nick…80 degrees in Stockbridge today and this is October 23rd???

At least we got some rain Tuesday day and night. It was not enough to solve the drought, but it was a welcome wet-down . . . except for today’s humidity. Found out that the roof repairs were a conditional success . . . they REDUCED the amount of water coming through the ceiling and leaking through bottom of walls :slight_smile:

I gotta hope I can switch from AC to heater by November.