Hey Sasso, R UR ovens runnin?

ya better go catch em… :lol:

Seriously, did you get em hooked up?


We had 5 incredibly generous customers come over and help assemble the oven set last week. It was a snap with a shop crane! I ran into a small snag in that we didn’t have all the gas hook up hardware we needed, so we are not live yet. I have one manifold that I have not confirmed is the one for 240K BTU, and that is the first task. I got a bump of business this week to do lunches, so a little behind doing the research.

I am famously slow getting this sort of project moving, and slightly slower sales aren’t motivating me much right now. I expect I could be ready Monday to fire up and test . . . but not dead certain. Since I have casters on the oven, I could even roll it into place and connect it all myself. So, I can work on it at my convenience. If I need major parts, then I gotta wait until cashflow crunch eases. We’re making money, just spending it faster right now :frowning:

I may shout out to BP Y602 veterans out there when I get set. For example, do I connect both ovens to one manifold and one gas outlet, the split it off to each oven?


Hi Nick:

You should have a 3/4 in minimum gas line from the meter to the ovens with no other appliances on the line.

Two take offs from the main line are fine and from the main line to the ovens should be 3/4 in also.

The take offs from the main line should have shut off valves.

Older used ovens may need a separate pressure regulator newer models have a built in pressure regulator.

Good Luck with your new ovens.

George Mills

Thanks for the info, George. That is exactly what I needed to know. My used ovens are older and need the external regulator. Go figure. Even these oldies are gonna be an improvement for my operation. . . if I get them in and running.

I think I have a 1.5" line running from the meter into the kitchen in the shop, which is then dropped with three splits (each with shutoffs) for cook line appliances. Would that be adequate, or do I need to get a separate line from a separate meter run for the oven?

Hi Nick:

Factories always specify dedicated lines for big items like your ovens. My guess is that you will be ok with the existing line. If you have a problem you can then put in a separate line. Have your meter checked to see that it has sufficient BTU capacity for all gas appliances being used.

George Mills

its still not to late to buy my quad CTX conveyor set-up! Reckon its going to auction shortly…