Hey Sasso....


Got the shirt…thanks. Love the post card thing…what do you use it for and who prints it?

I was showing everyone who Nick Sasso from GA was…thanks for including the picture… on the shirt :lol:

Did you guys end up using the stuff for decoration? Is your dining room running?


The 1st Dining room is up and running. We have a collection of the menues and such on a board . . . the rest of the grand decorating scheme will happen after holidays.

Our postcards were printed by www.gotprint.com using our design work. We do it here at the house on desktop. We really enjoy it, and it is distinctive in our marketplace. No full-color stock photos of pizzas for us. We are a black/white/red kind of place. The photos we use tend to be b/w or sepia toned.

I think the card we included were some direct mail pieces that we sent out. We also box-top with them and deliver to the local county welcome center, place at businesses, etc. Menu we box-top and put around wherever we can get it stocked. Reminds me I need to check the Visitor Center at the county seat to see if they still have some in their card rack.

I have my “bathroom complex” plans to a contractor for a bid. It will give us a 288+ sq ft four-seat facility with a baby-changing station. Sconce lighting, nice flooring, etc. I am also starting demolition this month of the space for the nicer dining room. Ceilings and floors need to be torn out and plans drawn up for that room. It will take more money than we can afford right now, so just demo and plans for now. If we come into a vast sum of money in the next couple of months, then it will speed up.

You can always sell some of those special herbs you keep mixing up for the ones that go on your pizza Mr non-Hippy man :stuck_out_tongue: (Boy I love getting people think your some bad a$$ dude :lol: )