Hey, Think Tank has a new look....

I went from one page to the next in a thread and voila a new forum…Very nice work folks…

:lol: This is not a “new” look. It is the default “subsilver” template that comes with phpBB. They just have something wrong with their settings.

I like the “NEW” next to the title of the threads that haven’t been read yet… however I still like the red page colors we use to have. This is the same baby blue color that thousands of other forums out there use.

Speaking of the site’s look, what ever happened to the avatars? They gave everybody a little personality… without them everybody kind of blends into one.

I definitely do NOT like the new look at all. The other one was much more appealing and easier on the eyes imo.

Relax, dudes. It is simply a glitch. Hopefully they did not overwrite the PMQ template.

omg I’m freaking out!!! ahhhhh

Ever since Tom left, PMQ has kind of left us in the dark as to what they are doing. I’m sure this isn’t something that pays the bills, but I know it builds loyalty for the print version.

Speaking of print version, the current copy arrived in my mail today…

Tom left PMQ?

Pizza Today shot themselves in the head with their forum “upgrade”. I rarely go there anymore.

I have to log in there with each visit, which is annoying so I don’t and then I can’t easily leave comments. I’ve started coming here more. C’est la vie…

He does the Australia issues. So he isn’t involved with the US operations anymore. Or at least that was the case. I don’t know if that still is the case or not.

It’s been a while so I wonder if it is really a glitch, or planned.

I notice too that the chat room is gone…

Someone should at least make a statement.

Gotta be a glitch since they still have the theme named PMQ. I cannot see them intentionally doing this. I do agree someone should say something. However, I am fine with it. Does not bother me the least. At least they did not wipe out the forum completely.