Hi all, considering buying a pizza place, taste my sausage?

Sorry to anyone that might have been reading this. I do not visit this area often, however, I have been what seems like, trolled. My stance stands firm. Do NOT invest until you know exactly what the big picutre is. We revolve in such an ever changing world.


Crap, for $80.00/ hour I was ready to sell my shop and shift to an occupation I can do from the house in my boxers. :mrgreen:

I bought my first place for 50k that did about 200k a year in sales and made like no money, I shut it down and remodeled it, and made a new menu and did 300k my first year and almost 400k my second year and sold it for 130k the next year

it can be done if your are smart

If I were you, I would go to the best kept secret at the Isle and sit in some swimming shorts with a laptop :smiley:

When was this? If in the past two years, I don’t think so. (psssssssssssst…I am pretty smart)

Well i bought the place at 23 in 2005 and sold it in late 2008. And started 3 more pizza places with the money

I think I misspoke what I meant to say . . . what my message was supposed to be is: If you take this business, it’s gonna be a big challenge. A BIG one. I am in full agreement that pizza start-ups in many, many markets these days need to be much stronger and better cash flow immediately, than we were getting away with starting 5 or more years ago. It better be near bullet-proof.