Hi all! New starting business here, I have some questions

I work at a brewery and because of the regulations at the moment in connection to Covid we are looking to add more food items to our repertoire.
My bosses are building me and a colleague a brand new kitchen.
They have bought a Middleby Marshall PS570.
Me and my colleague are trying to learn everything as fast as we can, developing dough, etc.
But it is hard not being able yet to actually use the oven we are going to work with.
We will be baking on screens.
Recipe so far: KA all purpose 100%, water 65%, yeast 0.5%, malt 2%, salt 2%, oil 1%
We want to be able to sell personal pizzas but they are looking at us selling slices as well.
What would be a good starting point as far as the settings on the oven go, finger settings, temperature and time.
Right now of course in a home oven this comes out as a wonderful pizza, but we’re trying to hit the ground running. Not an easy feat!
Thank you so much, for even having this forum, it has already been mighty helpful with information, I have been reading posts back to 2018 so far, hahahaaa.

If you’re working with a home oven, I think that’s the best you can do until the oven is up and running. That’s what I did. I used a pizza steel and the results were comparable enough that I didn’t feel like I had wasted my time.

One thing you can research while you’re waiting is if you want to use screens or disks. I use Hearth Bake Disks from Lloyd Pans and I feel they were well worth the investment. If you use the disks, they will send you instructions for adapting your settings to use them. They also gave me great phone support for tuning my oven!!! They know a lot about baking pizza.

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Thank you so much for your reply!
I am using a stone in my oven right now, pizzas come out great, and have evolved over time to better and better, but I wondered how this translates to the actual oven I will be using.
In the end I do not have a lot of time once the kitchen is installed to when they want us to open.

I am not in the position to acquire the bake disks, of course I had seen the suggestion several times in the posts I read in this forum.
For now I need to be working with what they bought me though.
My bosses got a package deal that includes a sheeter, hobart, oven, screens etc.
It’s not that I want to use screens, but it is what I have for now, hahahahaaa

Looking at your dough formula I see you are adding malt, is this a diastatic or non-diastatic malt? If it is a diastatic malt what is it in powder or syrup form and what is the degree L (Lintner Value)?
The correct baking temperature for your oven using SEASONED pizza screens will be about 465F with a baking time of about 5.5-minutes (variable). As for the finger configuration, the bottom should be profiled full open while the top will most likely have the middle positions open with reduced airflow in the first finger position and the last finger position will need to be adjusted to provide the desired finished color/bake to the top of the pizza. Do you know how the oven is presently profiled, or will you be buying it new? If you’re buying it new, Middleby-Marshall will work with you to see that you have the best top finger profile for baking your specific pizzas.
If you contact me directly at thedoughdoctor@hotmail.com I can send you a copy of my Dough Management Procedure that is designed specifically for pizzeria applications and allows for up to a 3-day effective dough life under refrigeration.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi @Tom_Lehmann!!!
This was already a very helpful reply, thank you so much!
The owners of the brewery have bought a used oven.
As far as I understand it was from a pizzeria that stopped and sold their entire equipment, a package deal, so they have the oven still configured to their pizzas.
I have only seen pictures of the equipment so far, it is in storage for us until the kitchen is finished building.
From the pictures I can see that some of the screens are seasoned and some are not, I guess they never used those sizes, not sure until I can actually see everything in person.
Back to the dough: I am using a powdered diastatic malt, the Lintner rating is 60. (Hoosier Hill Farm brand)
I will absolutely shoot you an email, would love to configure our dough even better!
Thank you so much for your help, it is very much appreciated.

The correct L value is only 20L so you will need to use only 0.1% of your malt product.
As for the oven, all bets are off of the table regarding the top (and to some extent bottom) finger profile. You might contact Middleby-Marshall (Elgin, Illinois) with the serial number to find out what the top and bottom finger profiles were when the oven was shipped out of the factory. Otherwise, see if you can find a YouTube video showing how to correctly clean the oven and be sure to develop a finger profile map so you can put the fingers back into their CORRECT positions after removal for cleaning.
If you wish to contract with me to provide assistance with your development please let me know.
My charges for Electronic Consulting are based on $125.00 per hour credited to the project and you can cancel at any time without penalty.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Providing Consulting and Education Services to the Pizza Industry since 1967.

Thank you! Much appreciated.
I will see how the situation is once we have access to the equipment and what information we can get from the previous owner about the settings (as I understand, my bosses are in contact with him)
If we can’t figure it out I will contact you for assistance.
I will adjust the amount of malt in our dough :slight_smile: