Hi guys

Hi Guys:


I just want to express how much appreciate, the kind comments, recently posted, on my entering my 80 th year and continuing nice comments about my posts by many of the best and most recognized contributors to this industry.

These days I am very often dismayed by the many, who work for you guys, that you indicate that are more willing to sit back and take government handouts rather than work.

God bless you folks you and those like you, who work in your own business, you are the backbone of this nation.

Any thing I can do to help any of you,any time, just ask. Keep up the good work.

George Mills

Mr Mills, I have never met you but have read many of your posts. You have helped me and many others. You are truley a great man and a great American. Happy Birthday Again and many more.

My goodness, I am impressed! Mr. Mills, happy birthday to you, sir. I’ve only read a few of your posts, but you seem very involved and very active. Perhaps it is some latent age bias I have that made me think you were younger!

I am in the early, early stage of thinking of opening my own place. This would be 3+ years from now before I could open. I’m 47 now and have wondered if I am “too old” to make a run at this. Your example serves as a reminder to me to not buy into that kind of thinking!

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

Hi AKS: You are never to old to pursue a dream. You are only going to get one life, no second chances. There a lot of good folks here who will advise you and coach you along.

Go for it.

George Mills

I understand that Harlan Sanders (the “Colonel”) started the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain (now KFC) on his social security checks (the first one was for $105), at age 65.