Hi, new around here

Hello everyone, new member here. Been reading the forum for the last few weeks. I’ve never owned a Pizza shop, but have worked in a few local ones and in Pizza Hut when I was younger. Used to be a pizza delivery guy while in college. I met my wife at a pizza shop, she was the manager. I guess you could say that I met my one through my love for pizza. LOL

I would also like to take this moment to let you guys know that i’m currently creating an commerce, web hosting platform for Pizza shops. A platform that allows you to sell your offerings just like the big chains do. No need to link to another site so your customers can place your orders, or any other crazy hoop jumping like i’ve seen on many pizzerias websites. It is simply your shops website. Everything is done there. If you own an existing domain you can map it to my platform and your customers can still reach you using the same URL they’ve always used. If you don’t own one you can purchase one and map it.

Anyways to get to the point I would like to know if there’s anyone in here that can help me with testing the platform. Don’t know if there’s a way to private message in here, but if there is feel free to message me so we can discuss further or leave your emails here and I will reach out to you.

See you guys later,


Hey Jaime,

I think one of my big fears of having processing done on my site would be compliance of CC’s & Personal Identifiable Information (PII). With it being hosted with another company I have no risks or worries if they get hacked or loose any data.

How does your system handle stuff like that?

Hey Preston,

Good question. I agree with your fear too. No CC or Personal Identifiable Information is stored in our servers. We use Stripe as the payment processor which is PCI compliant and a very secure platform. You can see more info about them in here.