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HI guys

I own a pizza place in jacksonville florida for little over a year now. It is family owned but I run the store and the marketing. My mom is the prep my wife does the phone/salad station. and my sister helps out part time. I have a part time pizza mkaer as well. I usually have 3 -8 delivery guys average is 4 a night and 3 during the day. This pizza place has been here for over 7 years before us.

Most of my marketing is two top magazines in jacksonville, and we do door hangers everyday.

Thats a little about my place.

Sounds like a great place, welcome to the tank! I look forward to hearing from you around the think tank. Take care.

Sounds like a very succesful business. Are you an indi or a franchise?

No its not a franchises im individual. I like the website btw.

We’re an opinionated bunch, and you’ll almost always find one or two that work for you. So many ideas and visions to choose from until one hits for you :smiley:

[size=2](be wary of WADave, though. . . he’s in Australia, and his toilet swirls the other way . . . . )[/size]

hehehehe that was funny

Welcome on board the small bus.

Just be careful of what Nick says on here. He is known as our resident non hippy. Can’t figure him out sometimes. I think he gets mixed up with his dried herbs and other stuff that looks the same. And he maintains he is not a hippy ??? Just look at his photos and this dispells all doubt.

I think in another life he was a philosopher or wants to be in the afterlife.

By the way his wife Kim is all kosher so believe everything she says.



might not hear from Nick for a while though…closed from 12/8-12/18 for staff vaction!! Good for you Nick, wish I could!

Closed for staff vacation? You’ve gotta be kidding. My staff take all the vacation they want during slow times and I trust them to run it for a week at a time when I am gone, why would you close the place and give up the revenue and force your customers to try something else during that period?

Primarily because wife and I are owner-employees. We do not have sufficient staff to manage the store on a weekend without our being there (wife is front lead, and I am kitchen lead). However, employees have stepped up and said they want to give it a go for the next time we are away.

Oh! and they deserve a week away like we do . . . few breaks on slow times since we are prepping and cleaning for the next rush.

Good luck with it Nick. I think it is well worth the effort to have staff capable of running the place. It really frees you up in many ways. Among other things, it can allow you to out in the community which helps drive business. I serve on the board of our local chamber and am a member of and board memeber of our local Rotary club.

For example, since I joined our local Rotary club, the amount of buisness we do with other businesses for meetings and working lunchs, employee parties etc has at least quadrupled. I could never make the meetings and activities of those commitments if I did not have capable hands to leave the business in.

That sermon never gets old . . . especially from the “large market” guys :slight_smile:

how about asking the organization to pitch in on the labor. Let your staff have the day off, you and your wife work with and direct a group of volunteer employees. Of course everything won’t go as smooth, but there is definatly a benifit to making those you are fundraising for be part of the workforce. Gives them a sense of pride in the event and make them appreciate how hard you guys work to provide them with this.

Welcome Tango !


Here’s one of Tango’s pizzas… It was good - It didn’t last long when I brought it back to the office…