Hidden Valley Ranch

I wanted to see if anyone would tell exactly how they make their Hidden Valley Ranch.

The directions on the back of the packet dont make the best version of it.

Some people use buttermilk, mayo, and sour cream. Some only use mayo and sour cream.

I may have to change my Ranch to HVR, and Im looking to just make enough for the
week (5gallons) mix it up and portion it.

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We use 1 part Heavy Duty Mayo and 1 part full-fat Buttermilk to make ours like the packet recipe directs. We’ve found using a mayo that is simply fat and does not try to add that zing of vinegar or any sweetness to be the best for the flavor profile. Gordon Food Service brand is our current choice for our mayo and we have also used Sam’s Club in the past when their recipe is to our liking.

We make 8 gallons at a time in a 10 gallon sauce crock mixed with a drill and a large food-grade mixing head from Jiffymixer.com. It’s used for salad dressing, a bread stick dip, and a pizza sauce in our operation.

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Have you tried their sauce mixing attachment? I’m looking to mix about 40 gallons at a time

We use the PS-1 mixing bit as that suits our volume needs best. Works great to blend our Tomato sauce, Ranch, Garlic dip, and whip our Alfredo sauce so it doesn’t separate.

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Thanks brad,

Does it come out super thin? Or does the stabilizers thicken it up?

It’s a heavier dressing for sure when using a heavy duty mayo and a full fat buttermilk. It pours smoothly right after being mixed (using warm shelf stable unopened mayo) and thickens as it cools. Since buttermilk often comes in half gallons, you could always mix it 1 + 1/2 gallons of Buttermilk to 2 gallons of Mayo (maybe add some Sour Cream as you were suggesting too) to thicken it up even more.

No I was actually hoping to not have to use sour cream, im sure the heavy duty mayo will do the trick.
I cant find full fat buttermilk anywhere.

I currently use Kens Homestyle Ranch and I never want to change. But if I have to for some reason down the road, HVR is what we would switch too

Thats what we used. I found that how it was mixed made a huge difference in the thickness. Like said above use a low speed paddle mixer ( not a kitchenaid stand mixer :frowning: ) 4 gallon extra heavy mayo to 6 quart buttermilk. Used for wing dip

thanks for providing that link for the JiffyMixer head…just ordered the PS-1 on Amazon for approx $50

We make ranch about 5 times a week. We use 2 gallons of Extra Heavy Mayonnaise, 5 Ranch Pacets, and 5-1/2 gallon containers of Buttermilk. Don’t use Fat free or Low Fat Buttermilk. It really changes the flavor.

Had anyone tried using regular whole milk and adding regular white vinegar to make a buttermilk substitute?

What does the cost come out to per gallon when making your own Ranch vs buying it premade?

One gallon of homemade buttermilk ranch currently costs us $9.14.

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We are using Marzetti buttermilk ranch. $9.76/gal from RD. Not sure if it’s worth the extra labor at that difference.

I still don’t understand this Hidden Valley mix

If you buy the HVR seasoning packet in the grocery store, it directs 1oz of HVR seasoning will make 16oz of dressing. So simple math would say you would need 8oz of HVR seasoning to make a gallon of dressing…But the gallon packets of HVR seasoning are only 3.2oz. And it clearly doesn’t look or taste strong enough when you make a gallon of dressing

If I can use a buttermilk substitute (simply adding a small amount of white vinegar to regular milk) the savings might be worth it

•2 gallons milk (walmart) $2.98
•2 gallons mayo (Sysco) $10.40
•6 packets HVR $9.00

$22.38 for 4 gallons
Or $5.59 per gallon

I haven’t tried using buttermilk substitute yet,… but ill report back later today bc im going to try it

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No, it will definitely cost you more in labor. Making it in house is more about using it as a marketing angle shouting out “Homemade” & “Fresh” on your menu & social media.

Instead of using the packets, you could make up your own spice blend to save $ too I would think. MSG, Garlic, Dill, Salt & Pepper… I’m sure there’s a couple other ingredients I’m missing there.

I’d probably go that route if we were starting out from scratch today.

Really im just doing this bc I switched vendors and my normal Ranch dressing (Kens Homestyle) is a special order. Not a big deal until it is… so I need a Ranch dressing to replace if need be, HVR is my second favorite Ranch dressing

I understand they make it different for grocery stores