High Moisture

how do you offset or remedy high moisture in 3% cheese?? All I use is 3%, should I try to blend in some provolone?? I already have 4 tubs of cheese ground up

Ok so i suppose i need to explain a little more. Been purchasing 3% supremo italiano cheese from RD. Last purchase i noticed while grating cheese seems really soft. After pizzas come out they seem soupy, made a stromboli one nite, as soon as i cut into it, all this water came out, never happened before.

Since no response, i took and blended with some provolone did help some what, not as bad, BUT I ended up switching to sorrento cheese RD carries

I also use rd supremo italiano whole milk mozzarella(thats what 3% is right?)
Its weird bc i thought the same thing its been soupy(are you using a deck oven?)
So i was thinking of doing some whole milk and part skim at a ratio of 1:1 see if that helps

Im not sure using 2% would help, thats just less butter fat, this issue is to much moisture, I do have a deck stone oven, not sute if that has anything to due with it, when I switched over to this cheese at first it was fine,I had this same issue yrs ago with gordons cheese, come to find out on that, the company(gordons) changed manufactures and the recipe changed wondering if tjats the issue here
I would blend.with a drier cheese like i did provolone,.Im blending 2-6lbs 3% to 6lbs prov. Until this brand is gone then switching over to sorrento cheese