high volume

Whats high volume for all u pizzeria owners out there ?

For no particular reason, I’ve always consider annual sales of $750,000 to be the “high volume” fulcrum.

I fully agree that $750K is definitely high volume [size=2](heck, I think $300K is high for my little vilage!)[/size]

I think anything over 400k a year per store is high volume

Or like nick says 300k in a small town

I used to do over 300k at my pizza place in a village of 1800 people

Prices vary by region, so sales is a poor indicator. Also, it depends on the type of business.

I think a reasonable definition of high volume for a delivery/takeout only business is about 500 or more pizzas per week.

I think you should base your volume on the amount of flour that you use each week divided by the amount of hours you are open. :slight_smile:

Most dough recipes use a similar percentage of flour.

So mine would be 16.4065lbs. per hour. :slight_smile:

POM has a point.

I’m just not sold on it.

Most people are still trying to sling $7 pizza, and its just not worth it for the smaller indie. While the raw goods equation works for the big national chains, there’s no way the small indie competes on that level.

Having said that, I’ll float this out there… Show me a national chain that does $700K in sales with a 40% profit margin. <-Thats where the indie advantage lays…

When the Fantastic Sam’s next door complains that the bass knocked some pictures off the wall between our stores - that’s when I know the night crew had the volume too high again.

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Pretty steep price to pay for a topping. Everyones got their own business model so I will not say yours is wrong but I think I would feel cheated if you added 60% to the cost of a cheese pizza to add pepperoni to it. Otherwise, I believe that indies can compete at the price game and can be very successful at it. It’s very likely most of us on the think tank can buy decent ingredients as cheap as the chains can.

Using this formula I’m around 19 to 21 lbs/hour depending on the week.


I appreciate your remarks, greatly. But you know, similar remarks, questions, comparisons arise all the time. People want to know how they are doing, as compared to, who knows, anyone else…

I’d like to boil it down, for the unsophisticated, to a number. That number would be: pure profit. If it suits you, measure by day, week, month, or quarterly (like me). If your profit isn’t where you think it should be, look for ways to increase it.

Now that is some serious high volume!

I’ve had the same prices now for 11 years
2 locations
Looking to open more.