Higher Temperature Gas Deck Ovens

The space I’m looking at can only run gas. I had my heart set on electric decks but it looks like my only option is gas deck ovens now.

I only have enough room for one stack of maximum size.

Can anyone recommend a gas deck that is capable of hitting and maintaining an even 4 to 6 minute bake? 4 is ideal, 5 would be a compromise I’m willing to accept, 6 minutes is the bare minimum.

I was told the Montague ovens might be capable, as well as Marsal. However, I have friends with a Marsal SD that burns over 575 and only produces an 8 minute pie. However, Delfina in San Francisco uses a Marsal MB and gets a 5 minute pie.

Would love some insight on the gas decks

Bakers pride Y600 would be my first selection
George Mills

These will hit a balanced, quick bake at 4 to 6 minutes?

What’s the advantage over, say, a brick lined Marsal with slightly more BTUs?

I have no clients using Marsal ovens.

I have a Bakers Pride Y-600 double stack and nothing is under 10 minutes but we run at 500.

The Montague Legend Hearthbake 25P-2 should get you there. Or perhaps the Cuppone Gas oven.


Just curious… why the emphasis on such a fast bake time? Very thin crust?

Montague looks good. The Cuppone doesn’t look as strong as their electric line, however.

I prefer the texture of a NY pie with a 7 minute or under bake.

Do you carry Marsal ovens?

Marsal is in NY and has a test kitchen that you can use.

Pretty much any oven out there will give you a 7 minute bake. That is a different animal from the 4-5 minutes mentioned.

We are going with a double stack of Masrsal MB60’s, switching from conveyors. Great ovens, I have tested them and they seem rock solid and have not heard a single bad thing about them.

The usual progression is deck to conveyor. Your going backwards. :slight_smile:

Just curious… What did you say that! i thought stuff you can do with high temp deck oven you won’t be able to do with conveyors.
With all honesty i am not being sarcastic just wants to learn something more,

well most pizza shops start with a deck oven. There cheap to buy, cheap to repair, and they make a better pizza. Then as business grows, they can afford to move up to conveyor belt pizza. It cost more to buy and to repair, and you eliminate a constant oven tender and you can really pump out the pizzas, assuming your existing customers do not recognize the downgrade in pizza quality(I think all pizza shop owners know deck ovens make a better pizza). I was just joking with pizzaman215, because he is choosing quality over quantity.

Got it!
I only worked on WFO and was looking for one before i went to pizza expo this year, i have noticed kind of a pizza came out of very high temp electric oven i am sure most of the customers would not could not be able to tell the difference.
it sure eliminates constant temp changes in the oven and also you are not depending on high quality dry wood all the time ( which could be a huge problem even though your supplier is reliable.)

100% true I am choosing quality over quantity. It fits our business model, we use primo stuff might as well use the primo ovens. They not only cook better but they look better aesthetically, we have a open kitchen concept and they will be the center of attention.

I was going to go that route but was told electric deck ovens lose heat quicker then gas, especially at high temps it would make for a off bake at peak times. We were looking at the pizzamaster ovens

I am told exactly the opposite because these what i call new generation of ovens (High Temp) have heating elements fitted in the stones it will recover heat faster to me technically it make sense. Also people are using PM, MF, Coponne everyday swear that they work great. Someone mentioned earlier in this thread or it might have been on PF that if you bake 18 pie at 600 f…it take 15 min to recover that spot to 600f. i guess it depends who you ask…