Highway Exit Advertising

Does anyone have their sign on a highway exit food sign?
If so did it cost alot? Did it make any difference?

I tried a “blip board” once, but it was right before the “lockdown” so all traffic evaporated. I couldn’t measure any results so I cancelled it.

If blip boards are available in your area, they are a very low-cost way to test out-of-home advertising (OOHA).

Yes, we do. It seems like the annual cost is about $500 in each direction on the Interstate and about $225 for ramp/directional signage (plus sign cost, which wasn’t insignificant). In our State, rates are based on population density. We only wish we had pursued the signage earlier as it has made a significant difference, doing far better than paying for itself.

We have one in Georgia. $2,400 a year after we created the signs (don’t remember that cost as it was 14 years ago). Happily pay it every year. We are in a I75 corridor for northern guests heading to Florida so it has payed off well. LOTS of visitors reviewing us on trip advisor and lots saying this is their yearly stop from XYZ town on their vacation to disney, Florida, etc etc. There are some stipulations though. You must provide a public restroom if you are on it in GA so we get the straglerrs that just stop to use it from time to time but not too bad.