Hired non owned insurance

Anyone have any reccomendations for who to contact for a reasonable price for hired non owned insurance? A contact name and number would be greatly appreciated. Would also like to know what restrictions they put on your drivers, as far as # of violations, accidents ect.


Try Farm Bureau…

Liquor Liability…$109
Commercial Liability…$1758
Non-Owned Auto…$69
Hired Auto…$96

Total Policy Premium…$2032 annually

Bill Russell
Career Agent
Farm Bureau Financial Services
913-299-0900 phone
913-788-3416 fax


I’ll call in the morning. I keep getting quoted 15K+ for hired non owned. Need to add it so I can deliver school lunches.


Thanks for this post.

I need some help with the terms, “hired non owned insurance and hired auto insurane”.
I plan to buy a vehicle and hire a person to drive it. What is the insurance language for that ?

I would think volume of business would affect the insurance cost, ie., I plan to do around 20 deliveries a day, and you probably do that before noon !


Hired non owned is used to cover the liability when your employees are off premise in their own vehcles. You will just need a commercial policy on a vehicle that you own. Make it clear to your agent that this vehcle will be used for pizza delivery, as this will require different coverage that the electrician driving a company truck for example. You may have to each person who will drive the company vehicle listed on the policy as well.

thank for making that clearer Paul,

In your opinion, for me doing about 20 deliveries a day, one delivery vehicle, is it better to own the vehicle and pay a driver, and/or, where does a break-even come in ? 2nd delivery vehicle ?
I will start delivery in October and would like to do it as “right”, “best way”, as possible,

anybody’s opinion apprecited,


J_Rokk, that non-owned rate is hard to believe. I’m in philadelphia and have gotten 2 different quotes so far, $5,500 & $19,000!!! i’m waitng on a third quote from my guy which is supposed to be between $2,500 & $3,500. I’m gonna call your guy before I do anything.

ok… lets assume you buy a vehicle.

$5000 Commercial Insurance Policy/yr
$4800 Gas Expense/yr
$1000 Maintenance/yr
$6000 vehicle purchase/yr ($30,000) vehicle financed for 5 years.

$16,800 a year to run the vehicle for the year.

lets say you average 150 deliveries a week.
and you charge $2.00 for delivery

doing 7800 deliveries a year would bring in $15,600 offsetting the majority of the cost to run the vehicle!

If you go the other route, you should compensate the driver per run and you’ll also need a non-owned policy which everyone knows costs a fortune.
If you charge $2 for delivery and reimburse the driver $1 per run… that would bring in about $7800 a year for you to buy a policy.