Hiring back somebody we fired.....

Good kid (21). Hard worker. Nice guy. Honest. Fast… but could not show up on time. We fired him last year. As these things go, it went pretty smooth. It was done respectfully. (respect for the person not the innability to be on time)

He is still in town and we are looking. I called him and asked if he wants some shifts. He said yes. We are meeting in the AM.

Anyone else ever do this?

I did it once and would need to have a real good reason to do it again. I guess once bitten twice shy. Old habbits die hard the reason for the person’s departure still caused me grief the second time around.
I would set out strict guidelines for the returning employee if I were to bring another one back. These would address the concerns I let them go over.

i did it and it worked out for a few months…keep em on a short leash and lay down clear-cut expectations from the start…kinda like hiring from competition, sometimes it is better to get a fresh one without the bad habits

I’ve done it before with mixed results. There is comfort in familiarity I guess. Make sure you communicate clear expectations to him both verbally and written. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll fall back into his old habits that got him fired in the first place.

I’ve never seen it work out in the long term. I suppose if you are really hurting it may be something worth trying but I can’t imagine “myself” being the one calling “him”. “Maybe” if he called me. Puts you in an awkward position. You fired him and now want him back. Most employees would use that to their advantage whether it works or not.

He worked for us for three years. Most of that time he was one of our best employees. Last winter he started coming in late to work 20,30,40 minutes. He was the opener, that meant we opened late too. This was really the only complaint we had with him.

He got verbal and written warnings before we had to let him go. He settled his obligations with us promptly, was polite (unhappy, yes, but…) when it happened. (We loaned him money for some legal trouble, he repayed it prompty after we let him go)

Regarding me calling him, I was never angry with him. In fact it dissapointed me to have to do it.

I certainly plan to make it clear that showing up on time is a requirement. I doubt he will be surprised by that. Well, I meet with him in about three hours (with my GM too). We will see.

I thank God and the people along my life journey who have given me 2nd (and 3rd,& 4th…) chances.

We re-hire people, sure it may only last a few months or even years but at the age of 18-24 I don’t expect most of them to be around forever.

I’m sure he has gotten the point and in most of our cases it has given them an opportunity to work somewhere else and see that we are more of a “family” and our unique relationships are a perk with the job.

If it weren’t for 2nd chances we would all fail miserably.

dont do it…been there done that he will disappoint again

Well… I went to meet him, at the place and time HE chose… he did not show up. Go figure.

So the phone rings at 4PM. It is him apologizing for missing the meeting. He was in jail. Released in the AM with no charges, but picked up for public intoxication… Yep. Pizza guys.

Still gonna hire him?

Why don’t you wait a little while and have him join you as part of his work-release program ? I think you’d get him a lot cheaper then and maybe even some tax breaks. :lol:


Yes. I know he likes to party but he never brought it to work. He was good with the rest of the crew, everybody liked having him around. He is hands down the fastest pizza cook we have ever had.

If he can show up on time, I will be happy to have him. If not, it will be a short experiment. I need somebody good NOW. The next five weeks are the heart of the summer business here. After firing the asst manager for theft I have the manger shifts covered, but I need another set of fast hands on the line for a few shifts a week. There will be no training cost or ramp up time with this guy.

I am meeting him this AM. PS, there will not be any work release, no charges were filed.

Not quite the same but as a franchise, we sometimes get employees transferred to our store who have worn out their welcome at another store.

We have a driver right now who is a solid worker, she got transferred for being lazy (with prep work & dishwashing). It was a good wake-up call for her. She’s been with us about a year now with no trouble.

I do understand the need for immediate help with a tidal wave coming.

That said . . . didn’t you say that he would show up late to work when he was opening the store, causing your business to open late? That sounds like a clear case of “bringing it to work”, or is it NOT bringing it to work because he didn’t show up when supposed to. I get confused.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I hope it works out better this time around for you.

He will not be a key holder this time around so opening will not be an issue. We had a clear conversation about showing up on time. If push comes to shove I can work those shifts but I would rather not. It looks like he will give notice to one of his other jobs and join us for two shifts a week. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

What I meant by him not bringing it to work was that despite his liking to party after work, he was never drinking at work.