Hiring Questions

Hey, is there anything specific you guys ask when your interviewing?

If I am hiring students I ask how their marks are in school. I find the ones who are doing well in school seem to have a higher work standard.

I agree with Daddio, and I always ask them why they are applying to work at my establishment. So many just say “to get a job”, or “I need a paycheck”, I am always looking for a little bit more thought process on their part. One thing that I like as well is to ask them what part they like most about serving others. There are so many things you can ask, and you will come up with your own awesome questions right on the spot, so be ready to write them down for future use. I am looking forward to hearing what some of the others favorite questions are! Good luck!

Take care,
David McGuire

Two questions I always asked of my college students was “Do you live at home?â€