Hiring requirements

So am I asking to little?? Below is what im trying to hire for, not a manager, as im hands on everyday, just looking for a crew leader who can help direct an extremely small crew of 2-3 people after i leave at night. We are located in a small rural town, small mom and pop pizza take out, no delivery, required hrs are 4-7 hrs daily, closed on mondays, close at 9pm at night except 8 on sundays. This is not a rock science position LOL.
Kitchen Crew Leader / Pizza Cook:
Looking for an experienced kitchen staff crew leader & pizza cook.
Job Description:
Ensure that all food and products are consistently prepared and served according to the restaurant’s recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards.
Adheres to health and safety standards when handling food.
Keeps the work area clean, safe, and free of clutter.
Properly and thoroughly completes all side work associated with the position.
Adheres to company standards, including personal hygiene and appearance.
Must be able to communicate clearly.
Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.
Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time.
Be A Leader… NOT A Follower
Must Be Self Motivated
3 yrs or more of pizza making skills.
3 yrs or more of leadership skills.
Work Tuesday thru Sunday, day & night shift.
Must have a since of urgency.
Must have a vehicle & valid license.
Signing bonus of $1000 after 3 months of successful employment
1 week paid vacation after 1st year
Up to $35,000 annual salary + share in split tips

Hours to apply:
Tues-Wed 3pm-9pm
Thurs-Sat 12pm-9pm
Sun 1pm-8pm

Not sure where you are and what the going wage is. But with those hours that doesn’t even cover minimum wage where I’m at in California. Tough to get anyone but an extra body for that around here.

that would have been cool in 1998 :grinning:

a small rural town

Be A Leader… NOT A Follower
all those people left town when they graduated high school.

3 yrs or more of pizza making skills
in a small rural town?

I would think the best idea is next time you hire someone, make sure it is someone you could see evolving in to that postion, or be closed Sunday also and do it all yourself.

So Im in Michigan, minimum wage is 10.10 hr. The hrs are not over 40 typically 35-40 a week. This is like $16+ an hr plus split in tips. My one gal who just left was here for 3+yrs and making over $17 an hr, her only problem was she cant manage her own time, like sleep in till 1 hr b4 showing up for work and 5-15 minutes late every single day, literally lives 2 blocks away.

When i say rural, its not a blink your eyes and miss it town. We have a sizeable community, with other communities surrounding. Its not a prairie land LOL… And i have been doing it all for many yrs (40+) with 3-4 employees. Im getting older, and for god sakes i just want someone who has a brain who can tell someone to do dishes and stop leaning and playing on your phone, someone who can remember to shut the dam ovens off at night, this job is not rocket science.

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we have to pay 15yo kids that hourly rate to wash dishes and make salads (minimum in CT will go to $15 next month). Nobody wants to work in the kitchen when you can make over $30/hr delivering.

Well we dont delivery and the economy is likely totally different, you cannot compare state to state town to town. I totally get if we were in a metropolis city but we are not our economy is different say like in Cal or Fl or NY.

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understood…I am far from a metropolis (town of 20K pop) but just curious what your pricing is for a cheese pie…mine is 12" $11 16" $15 so if you can pay 1/3 less for min wage are your prices 1/3 less? I have found that in many areas like FL their wages are much less and pricing much higher…does not make sense

Our population is about 6500. 12" 9 16" 13

Maybe retiring teacher here…which city in Michigan…Northern Indiana here. I’m early 50’s got a lot of time left. Just burned out in the classroom.

Sorry no where close to ya

I don’t think I’d be commuting. :slight_smile:

:laughing: awe darn I was hoping

I’d be moving. I’m in Northern Indiana right now. :slight_smile: