Hiring Sites. Are they worth it?

Anybody using these? We are having some issues with staffing. Wondering if this is the way to go. I checked out Indeed where you set your own daily amount. Also ZipRecruiter for $349 a month. That just seems expensive to find an employee. We are also doing all of the little stuff Facebook, local ads, signage etc…

ZipRecruiter has been spamming my mailbox for months now, I’m sure I’m not the only one. I tried the trial, making sure to cancel it after 6 or 7 days so I wouldn’t get charged. I got about 10 decent applicants that I didn’t do anything with, but was still surprised I got any at all.

Tried ZipRecruiter for the free trial and of the 12 applicants, only 2 were even worthy of calling for an interview and of those 2 that I called to setup an interview neither of them returned my call. We are having an extraordinarily hard time finding employees, the worst it’s been for us in over 7 years. Granted these days, we need a minimum of 10 people staffed for a Friday but sheesh is it frustrating! I’m honestly getting to the point in which my passion and devotion to this business is quickly waning :mad:

Craigslist $10
Facebook I spend $30 at a time.
Box toppers! I can print 1000 of them for $25

I have used snagajob which is really geared towards hourly employees. We received a lot of applicants, many who were 15 and 16, but brought this up to them and they were able to screen the ones out that were not eligible.
If you sign up for a long term they will work with you on price and it’s much more reasonable. They also let us do a three month trial. They have other services as well like onboarding and screening for wage tax credits which I’m sure many of us are not doing. The wage tax credits you receive may very well pay for the whole service. Worth giving them a call.