This is Ron from PMQ again. When it comes to hiring and training employees, whether current or new, what do you find works best? Do you screen them more carefully than the CIA or do you go with your gut? Sometimes the best workers in the world don’t always make the best first impression!

I usually go with my gut feeling. Sometimes I have been wrong but most of the time I am right. I start them out on a 2 week trial basis so if they do not like the work or I feel they are not right for the job then they can be let go.

That is usually good enough for me and it obviously works for you as well. Is anybody using tests or other screening methods?

As long as you are writing an article about hiring, why not include some info on the IRS HIRE Act. If two candidates are otherwise equal, hire the one that has been unemployed for 60 days and receive significant tax credits. This is not something I’ve seen talked about in PMQ and I would not have known it existed without a call from my accountant yesterday. This one phone call will offset more than my accountants fees for the year.

http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/art … 45,00.html


Thanks for the info! If i crunched the numbers correctly a 40hr/week employee at $10 per hour will put just under $2300 in your pocket if they remain employed for the full 52 weeks.

BTW…sounds like you got an accoutant who look’s out for the best interest of his/her cliet; that’s a good “partner” to have as part of your business.

Thanks again.

Close but slightly overestimated. The 6.2% matched taxes incentive is only good for March 19th through December 31st. The 2nd incentive is for 52 weeks up to $1000.

Very interesting. I’ll look into it and make sure it makes it into the article.

Do you think that software is as good as your brain?