Hmmm. a gun shaped pizza.

I thought I had seen everything. Guess not:

Boy disciplined after waving gun-shaped pizza slice

I am speechless

Let this be a warning to ALL pizza producers and pizza consumers! Do not make pizzas into the shape of what might be obtusely constrewed as a weapon, or eat in in such a manner so as to have a slice take on a similar shape in the twisted mind of some politically incontinant moron. Good grief! A typical slice looks a lot like a spear point, probably responsible for killing as many people in history as guns have, how long will it be before some child is accused of making a gesture with a pointed with a pointy slice of pizza??? Those round pizzas look an awful lot like a cannon ball to me, so we had better rethink that one too.
Watch out! He has a “loaded pizza”! It has pepperoni, ham, cheese, red and green peppers, onion, black olives, fresh tomato, and sausage!
We’re supposed to be trying to educate our kids, not criminalize them with lunacy like this. Common sense has to enter into the picture sooner or later…I hope.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

This is as bad as the girl that was refused boarding onto a flight because her purse which was of a southern / western style had a 3" emblem that was in the shape of an old-school revolver! Where the heII is common sense these days! Come on people…use your little brains please! :idea: