Hoagie buns? Who makes their own?

Who makes their own hoagie/sub buns?

If so, how?

There is a recipe in the recipe bank that I have used and it turns out pretty good. It is worth giving it a shot and going from there. Good luck!

I make my own bread.I tweaked my pizza dough recipie

I just made the recipe that is in the recipe bank and they are great. The 3.5oz. for a 7" roll is a bit off, or else mine didn’t proof enough, because i got a very thin roll but the taste and texture were perfect.

Conagra’s web page has a really good one. We used to make our own, but we got too busy to fool with them. We are currently buying them from pilsbury. Not as good as our old ones, but less time spent on dough.

It is time consuming and I wound up using a pillsbury product as well. They are pretty good, I think they were called Rudy rolls!?

Is anyone doing rustic sandwiches on ciabatta or panini? these are all simple variations on lean dough and would be seemingly easy and cost effective enough while being perceived as “gourmet”

we call ours Foccacia Flatbread sandw…we use a 5 0z db…flatten it to fit a disposaple 5" tin///brush it w/garlic oil & seasoning…wrap it & proof on top of oven for several hrs…run it thru conveyor 4 12 min @ 350…use same dough rec.