Hobart 30 qt. mixer

I went to look at an older 30 qt. Hobart mixer, 1/2 hp motor, single phase 115v.

It’s in pretty rough shape. Oil leaking into bowl, runs same speed on 1 or 2, shift knob pulses alarmingly while it’s running.

It does have a nice stainless bowl, paddle and dough hook.

I can get it for a couple hundred dollars. What I’m thinking is to buy it (the bowl alone is probably worth the price) and have Hobart refurbish it.

Any idea how much this would cost and does this sound like a good idea? Is 1/2 hp big enough? 30 qt. would be the perfect size for my new project.

Thanks for any advice!

Others will chime in too I hope, but 30 is not big enough! We use a 60QT and are only doing 25lb bags at a time, or smaller and that’s about all it wants.

I bought a brand new SS bowl for our Hobart out of a bakery supply place in Wisconsin…$60.00 plus $15.00 S/H. so there’s reason to consider you’re paying “just for the bowl” at the price you’re quoting.

Thanks for the reply! 30 qt is plenty big enough, I’m not a high volume pizza shop, just making pizza to serve patrons in the pub. A busy night is 50 pizzas. I’ve operated with a 10-qt for a long time so 30 is a big step up!

If the cost to refurbish is manageable and the 1/2 hp is sufficient (for 12-15 lbs of flour), this would be ideal.

Any other thoughts?


Speaking from experience, you need to pop the top and look inside to see what the status is of the inside.
There can be simple problems like a slipped nut or a need for new gears. By the way, you only want to use the lower speed on the mixer.
Hobart mixers are usually workhorses. So it may be worthwhile to buy it, knowing what the costs to refurbish it, and you will have a solid, long lasting mixer.

If you open the mixer, you probably won’t see anything inside except a “blob” of grease.

The 40’s, 30’s and 20’s use the paste grease for lubricant. Only the 60’s and above use gear oil that can be drained for inspection.

You might want to remove the shifter plate on the side of the mixer. Behind the plate you will find four(4) flat head bolts that hold the shifter to the frame. I have found many times these screws have “worked” themselves free or loose. Maybe just a tightening of they screws will solve your problem.

Good Luck!

Can you send me the information of where you bought your S/S bowl for $60? I have been getting them out of CA and they cost me just a little less than $300.


I was thinking same thing we just replaced our pusher plate assembly for grating cheese last week and it was $295.00. We are in Illinois so close enough to WI that if there is a place there where we can buy parts for less than retail it would be a great help.