Hello Everyone,

I just discovered this forum. As a new pizzeria owner, I am faced with a dilemma…How do I move a Hobart H600T into my basement. I have concrete steps (7 of them) leading into my basement of my restaurant, protected by double steel bilco doors. I know that it is super heavy. A technician recommended disassembling it and bringing it into the basement piece by piece…smart or foolish? I just couldn’t imagine carrying it down…Please help!

I think the first question everyone will ask is, Why do you need to move it into the basement ?

I 2nd that…making/storing of dough, cleaning the bowl…hard to fathom…but…get an appliance dolly from U-Haul & some massive straps that you can adjust…tilt the mixer on its side & slide the dolly under…strap it down with at least 4 of those super industrial straps…(got mine at WalMart)…also get a come along type winch…maybe rent one? (I’ve had one for years)…This is a 4-6 man job at least…use the winch to lower it down while 2 men guide it down from the top & 2 men secure the bottom as one man mans the winch…doable, but take caution…

They are called riggers. Look up and see if any are in your area and get a price. This is what they do for a living and you may find out it is worth the investment.

AS capecodder has said, hire a professional. Im A MILLWRIGHT/RIGGER and the cost of someone getting hurt will far outweigh what a professional would cost. Dismantling would be out of the question unless a Millwright or mixer repairman did it. Good Luck

You May be heading for problems.

If you are going to use the basement of your shop it will have to be handy caped
That is the national code.

George Mills

Thank you so much guys! I saw a powermate powered hand truck but I don’t want to buy a $4,000 hand truck…lol I wish I could rent one. Otherwise, I might have to go with a rigger to do the job. Any idea what it should run to do a job like this on average? I know that it would be different depending on the region of the country, but just a ballpark figure.

As for why? I don’t have any room in my kitchen to put one so it either goes into a shed, which would be another expense or put it in the basement.

Again, thanks so much guys!

You say you would have to put it in a shed … does that mean that you don’t need it for your operation? If that’s the case, I suggest selling it, with the problem of moving it simultaneously transferred to a buyer.

Piedad- I need it…lol

Seriously, I’d leave it to the professionals. that is a heavy piece of equipment, and a tumble will kill people.