Hobart Agitator

The pin that holds the hook is broken, and will not come out. Hobart can not punch it out, and is saying I need a new agitator. The hobart part is over 1k. You can find a direct replacement part for $200.
Just wondering if this is a simple job. It seems from the manual it is. Hobart however quoted this as a two hour job. Anyone done this?

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How many quarts is your mixing bowl? How do you break the pin? That is a pretty stout piece of metal. It is no doubt pressed in with a hydraulic press. It takes a beating.

Hobart is pretty proud of their equipment. The motor that raises the bowl on my 60qt Legacy mixer went out and it cost me $900 several years ago. Last year the main board went out and it cost $2200 from hobart.

Good luck!