Hobart attachment, shredding cheese... dont know what is going on.

So I just got an old 60qt, hobart mixer and the attachments. I have 4 different shredder blades, try using them and for some reason it’s turning the cheese silver!

It’s not scraping anywhere, no idea why where exactly it’s coming from. It can’t be the blades, they are new and shiny, but the main unit it older. Silver does not wipe off in my fingers when handling it so I’m stumped.


I think that’s oil from the spinning shaft. Try to keep the shredded cheese clear of the outlet of your pelican head. If it backs up the cheese will rub against that shaft.

I can barley get the shred started without it starting to get silver everywhere. I used de-greaser and cleaned the entire attachment, head and shaft… and it still seems to happen. Is there something special I need to clean everything with? I’m assuming it’s just from old age but there has to be something that will strip off whatever it is thats on there.

hmmmmm? im not sure what else it could be…maybe soak the whole thing in degreaser and then re oil it. im assuming its an oil that’s rubbing off on the cheese. I know this happens to us if the cheese backs up into the pelican head but i dunno what else could cause it.

It sounds like the tin coating on the attachment may be transferring to your cheese somehow, Was this a new unit, used, or a refurb?
It is possible that during the reconditioning, (if its a refurb) there was a less than great tinning job may have been done. I would call the seller and find out WTF is happening.

A trick I saw used by a large Mexican restaurant chain was to dip the blocks of cheese into corn starch before shredding, but I think that was to make it clump less after shredding.

My experience is that is the aluminum that is causing that problem. It appears to happen when a unit becomes quite old.

I know of no way to stop the problem

George Mills

George us 100% correct. I have had this happen to me twice now

I just replace them with the Aphla or Alfa brand 450 bucks and they last me a few years, we shred a lot of cheese

Thanks for all the suggestions… we did soak it in the degreaser for an hour then used a scrub brush over the whole thing. Tested it again and boom, almost perfect… did it one more time with the degreaser and scrub brush… perfect. No silver/tin anymore.
Thanks again for the help!