Hobart C-100

I have access to a Hobart C-100 10 qt. mixer. It must be 25+ years old as it doesn’t even have the timer that some of the c-100 models have had. Everything works and was used in a church but rumor was they did not use it much because it was too large for their activities. Anyway, I killed my Kitchen Aid 6qt. and it needs a new motor for 176.00. I can get this Hobart for shipping only at 228. It has bowl and all attachments. I use this mixer for test batches and small production of pizza dough. Any pro’s and con’s on going with the Hobart. Should I be concerned about the age or since it lacks any of today’s bells and whistles might it last longer?

Thanks for any input.

From what I’m hearing the C-100 was stopped because we weren’t selling them. I have the Operator and Parts manuals if you need them. Hobart Service doesn’t carry any parts for these anymore unless they supersede to the A120/200. You may be able to get parts from Alfa. I guess if the machine is running good then you may not need parts for a long time though, it depends on your use.

PM me if you have any further questions, I asked around about this machine but no one remembers.

Eric Lutz
Hobart Product Engineer

Thanks for your prompt reply and information!