Hobart HCM450 mixer for sale

I have a Hobart HCM mixer and a Palazzolo cheese shredder for sale. The mixer has both cheese and dough blades with other extra parts-$2500. The cheese shredder has 3 different blades and is only 10 months old-also $2500.

Do you have any photos of vcm? Where are you located?

We are in Western PA. I will post some pictures later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!

I am interested in the grinder.why are you selling it?how bad does the cheese clump up a day or two after it has been shredded? any issues with it?warranty?can you give me the serial number please?

I would not be selling it except I bought a Robocoupe mixer that grinds our cheese very well. We never had problems with the cheese clumping, but we would shred it at night and grind it in the hcm450 in the morning. It is a well built machine. We have only been using it since October 2014. It includes 2 each 1/2" blades and 1 each 1/4" blade and the stand. I just spoke to Palazzolo Manufacturing and they will transfer the remaining warranty to the new owner. They don’t use serial numbers, they track by month and year made which is 10/14