Hobart HL600

I recently purchased a used 60qt legacy mixer. One of the reasons I purchased this model, is because it is listed as a dual phase unit. The previous owner had it set up in 3 phase, but I need it for single phase use. I thought there would be an option to change phase use or an electrical diagram for the new wireing set up but there was not. So I called my local Hobart service provider and they initially said I had to change the motor to be able to use a single phase. After a little bit of me telling them that was crazy and that it is labled on the serial badge as 1 and 3 phase; he did a some research and said all I had to do was connect the one and two cable.
Has anyone one else had any experience with this issue or mixer model. I want to make sure that i wont be damaging the machine if i do this. I know that I can get an external converter box as a last option, but as I wrote before it is listed as a dual phase mixer.


Edit: I read your post wrong. I have never worked on a dual phase mixer. I have a 3 phase with converter box

You just need a Teco N3 drive converter

Been using one for years. Change a few wires around in the hobart and your good to go

Sorry I have not encountered that situation:

If Hobart service says it can be done have then come out and do it.

If you do it yourself and burn out the motor you will have an expensive repair.

George Mills