Hobart Legacy 80quart

CF5D6495-FEC0-487D-B69D-F2F3534B83A7.jpeg Hello Everyone,

I have a Hobart Legacy 80 quart Mixer for sale. I acquired this machine on a contracted clean out and is virtually brand new. New they retail for close to 30k. This item is large, heavy and takes up a lot of space. I have zero use for it , but wasn’t going to leave it to be demolished. It is the new model and has digital controls. It looks identical to the on in this link. Before removing, I attached the gaurd and tested it out, everything works like new. I do not have a mixing bowl for it. Let me know if anyone is interested. I’m very flexible on the price for I have no need for this machine and would like it to go to good use.

Thank you,

Mike - I’m interested in your mixer. Please send me an email at FlingersPizzaPub@gmail.com

Pat Fruin
Flingers Pizza Pub
Bloomington IL

Mike, I am in nearby delaware county, pa. I don’t need the mixer, but I know someone that works for a major distributor that you’ve heard of that’s always been able to sell extra mixers for me. He does all the work of moving it too. Feel free to shoot me a message and I can give you his name and number.