Hobart Mixer 30 & 80 Volts

I have been offered a Hobart 30 [$1,000] or 80 [$2,000] qt. both are 110 v. what should I consider when purchasing this used equipment/ Are their any signs of buyer beware??
I am in the process of purchasing equipment and I don’t wish to let this deal go bye

Is it better to purchase a 220v or a 110v, what is the difference; if their isn’t any why make it with both voltage?

thanks for the info

part of it is what you’ll be doing. Pizza dough? a 30qt will be quite limiting in quantity.

by the way, 30 or 80 QUART, I’d bet.

The difference in voltage may have an effect on motor size, and/or endurance of the motor. Not a bad price for either, but I’ve not used either running 110v.

I’d check the plate 110v claim on the 80…208/240 single or 3 phase is more the norm…