Hobart mixer problem.

My Hobart V1401 is giving me trouble and I wanted to see if any of you had an idea. I had Hobart service out today and 30 minutes after he leaves the problem happened again. The problem is that there are 6 large bolts holding the plate where the shaft comes out and these bolts will not stay tight. We put Locktite on the threads and torqued them down as best as possible and they still come loose after just one batch of dough. Anyone have any clue why after 4 years these bolts would come loose and why they won’t stay tight?

Did you thoroughly clean all of any remaining oil off of the bolts and out of the tapped holes? One product that I’ve found to work very well in the respect is called Gun Scrubber, available at Walmart in the sporting goods section. This stuff cuts grease and oil like crazy, and it dries quickly too. Then apply the non-permenant locker and you should be good to go. If that doesn’t work, the bolts might need to be replaced as they could be worn, not too likely though as worn bolts tend to get stripped when torquing them. Another alternative is to visit your local auto parts store and check with them to see what they have to lock those “puppies” in place. I used to use a thread locker that looked something like a thin plastic straw, you put it into the hole along with the bolt and as you tightened it up the plastic would spread in the threads, effictively locking the bolt in place.
Good luck,
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Do you have room to put in 2 nuts. Sometimes the 2nd one will keep the first one in place. Check your threads also.