Hobart Mixer Resistant to Resistance

Well, this year has started about the same way my entire 2010 went. New equipment problems. My Hobart (600 series) wont mix anymore on low settings. The motor continues to run, but the hook doesn’t move. If I put it on a high speed (flour flies everywhere we I do this), it mixes pretty well but will do the same thing once the dough is really thick.

Has anyone had this issue before?

I can’t find a whole lot of information on these things outside of the old, faded manual I have. The manual does have some receipts for parts including a “clutch”, which seems like it might be a logical part that’s in need of replacing…if I had any idea where it was at on the mixer.

Hi Indie:

A wag on your problem is that you have a broken key way that makes the gear turn with the shaft.

George Mills

Indie, call Hobart.

Thanks guys. In the past I’ve started pulling things apart assuming I would be able to see what the problem was, usually I just ended up breaking things worse. Got a couple good ideas of what to look at now, appreciate it.

This happened years ago to us. All I remember was it was expensive. They replaced the entire round part that connects to the hook…had something to do with gears. Told us to make sure we are greasing it…ugh prolly should do that… :shock: