Hobart Mixing Bowl Slipping Down

I have an old Hobart 60 Qt mixer (H-600) and recently the mixing bowl won’t stay in place. The bowl is manually raised by turning a hand crank and it will slip down a little while running.

I put a #10 can and a box under one of the arms to keep it up, but was hoping someone could tell me a more permanent fix.


We have had that issue for over 10 years. We just lock the handwheel in place with a bungee cord after cranking it up.

yup! we use a bungee after we crank it up too!

bunge cord as well

We used to use an empty gal with a handle filled with water and hooked it to the crank handle

Thanks for the ideas everyone! I was able, after many hours of research and careful planning, to fabricate my own “Hobart Bowl and Lift Unit Stanchion”. :slight_smile:


Our health inspector would require the bare wood to be sealed. A good coat of paint would suffice.