Hobart P660 Head removal

I bought a mixer for a friend who need a bigger mixer, It needed to be serviced and lubed up and the tech that worked on it said he spent 5 hours trying to get the Head to drop out where the planetary gears are.

I have done this before my self and its been a pain to get loose but they always drop out after enough smacking with a 5lb dead blow hammer.

anyways the repair man said he gave up and it cant be fixed. I dont buy this one bit. Does anyway know if you take the transmission gears out all the way if you can beat the head down that way from the top?

Its kinda stupid the hobart didnt think of a better way to get more down force when removing the head on these big mixers. Ive only done it on a 30 quart and its a pain but doable for sure, i can drop the head and grease the planterys in about 10 minutes.

If i was closer to my buddy i would fix it for him but hes in 1000 miles away. Any info would be great so i can try to help him out

Hobart service said it could not be fixed?

Tell him to goto www.hobartservice.com and select find location. Not much you can do for him across country.

No it was not hobart service, it was a smaller repair place that has done this 25 years and never has seen a head that wont come off before.